About Us

E4C has a board of five directors, all of whom bring a combined wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to the organisation. They are supported by a talented team of supporters, partners, collaborators and volunteers.

Dr Denise Taylor
Denise is the founder and executive director of E4C, and has worked in wildlife conservation since the early 1990s.  E4C was borne out of Denise’s experience in wolf conservation and her subsequent research for her doctoral thesis on transformative learning and conservation education. Realising that there is a very real need for practical resources for conservation educators, Denise set up E4C and enlisted the help of like-minded conservationists and entrepreneurs.  Denise firmly believes that conservation education is one of the key conservation strategies, and is an area that is currently developing very rapidly as the “human dimensions” aspects of our relationship with wildlife and nature come more to the fore.

Adam Mottershead
As the son of E4C founder, Denise Taylor, Adam has been involved in conservation work from a very early age. He currently works as an Acoustic Engineer in Coventry, and as a director of E4C will provide technical and project management support particularly for creative work involving environmental and natural soundscapes.  Adam is also a creative practitioner and produces work as a painter and has recently embarked on work as a novelist.

Patricia Grant
Pat is a committed environmentalist who has worked tirelessly for charities promoting animal welfare and ecological conservation and protection most of her life. Pat is now semi-retired after a long career in human resources, where her key strengths were identifying the main skills and experience of candidates and matching these with the needs of organisations in order to build a strong and effective team. On a personal level, Pat believes strongly in the “power of the dollar” and supports organic, Fair Trade and socially responsibly organisations.

Gary Lillistone
A professional communicator for the past 30 years, Gary Lillistone has held a long term passion for nature and the environment. Having held senior public relations posts with major corporate organisations, Gary has worked with businesses on corporate social responsibilities through his skills and knowledge of marketing and PR.

Chris Senior
Chris Senior has a strong conservation background, having worked with BTCV for eight years, undertaking practical community conservation projects and training volunteers, before gaining a first class honours degree in Countryside Recreation Management from Sheffield Hallam University in 1997. Since graduating, he has been an environmental consultant, specialising in the environmental use of GIS (Geographical Information Systems), along with survey work of habitats as diverse as woodlands and derelict brownfield sites. This work is undertaken for a variety of clients, including local, regional and national environmental organisations, local authorities and universities, providing a valuable management tool for sites, species and habitats.

Writers and Editors
E4C is steadily building its team of writers and editors to help with the development of EnvELOP, our online learning platform. We currently have several volunteer writers who are helping with this process.

Volunteers and Supporters
We have a growing team of volunteers and supporters who are helping us with our ongoing organisational development. This includes helping with fundraising, project and workshop development, and liaising with our partners, collaborators and beneficiaries.

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