“Come forth into the light of things, Let nature be your teacher.”   William Wordsworth

Education 4 Conservation (E4C) provides a range of wildlife conservation and environmental education courses and resources that have been designed for teachers, educators and learners to use in the classroom, in outdoor learning settings, and at home.

Our vision is to connect people and nature through experiencing the natural world in ways that are positive and fun.  From simple soundwalks in your local neighbourhood to hi-tech multi-media workshops out in the field, we have a wide range of activities and games suitable for all ages and abilities.

We believe that to know and understand the natural world, it is important to have first-hand experience.  Every day we face a constant barrage from the media telling us all about the negative aspects of environment issues and wildlife biodiversity. But there is so much more to enjoy and appreciate.  Our philosophy is that if you can connect people and nature, you will foster the knowledge, understanding, respect, and love that is needed to motivate them to change their attitudes and behaviours and ultimately to protect and conserve wildlife, habitats and ecosystems.

We have therefore designed a range of themed lessons and workshops that are engaging and fun and which support cross-curricular projects and activities.  We work with a team of qualified and experienced educators and practitioners to deliver courses aimed at increasing the knowledge, skills, and understanding of learners and participants about wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and environmental issues.

For more information about what we can offer, please email: denise@envedale.co.uk

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